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Membership to LOCA is open to all Catalina sailboat owners

Annual membership for LOCA is only $30.00 (CDN) or $25 (US) for members from the USA.

This membership fee provides you access to great events during the year including two complimentary tickets to the Toronto International Boat Show; at which we have the LOCA AGM each year. Compliments of Swans Yacht Sales. Only attending the AGM will get you the tickets.

Once a member, you can purchase a LOCA Burgee for only $20.00 (CDN).

A subscription to Catalina’s premier magazine, Mainsheet, is available through LOCA. Annual subscription is only $36.00 (CDN). LOCA will administer registration to magazine on Members’ behalf.

You can fill out the online membership form and the Vice Commodore of Membership will contact you for payment via email or phone. OR you can download and fillout the PDF and return to us at

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